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Couchbase php stub file

I have been working with Couchbase for a while and was constantly referring to the Couchbase SDK PHP Documentation for the usage of functions. There was no class definition available in my Zend Studio IDE for auto-completion. Which kinda annoyed me.

Since i have been using composer for all my libraries at tried looking on Packagist for a Couchbase stub file. Unfortunately i could not find one. Then i remembered seeing one in the PECL Couchbase package. I could of course put this into my project so that my IDE would pick it up for auto-completion, but that would not be very social of me. Of course ‘Sharing is Caring’.

I added a github repository, created a composer.json file and added it to packagist. To include it in your project just add the following line to your composer.json file require section.

Then run composer update, refresh your project in your IDE and your good to go.